Kika R8 Ballpoint Pens (25 Pcs Jar)

Rs. 112.50 Rs. 125.00

Kika R8 Ball Pens are specially crafted for people with a taste for elegant and simple designs, but outstanding performance.

Kika Pens are fully transparent, having a perfect holding grip providing perfect handwriting for everybody. This jar contains 25 pens, so that you dont have to worry about restocking your pens.

The amazing needle tip provides smoothest writing and the best ink flow as compared to standard Indian pens. This tip is specially crafted for people who love to write a lot, as you will never face ink leaks.

You can easily come to know when it's time to change your Kika Pen as the transparent body allows you to see the ink level of your pen. The best partner for students appearing for exams or professionals going for an important meeting.

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